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Arwa and her mother Freya Aby Heykal in front of a bulldozer destroying the walls of their orchard


On Saturday 10th December 2016 – UN International Human Rights Day – please join with Halifax Friends of Palestine in a vigil at 12 noon outside Halifax Central Library, in solidarity with the embattled Palestinian people of Tel Rumeida, as they struggle to retain possession of their ancestral lands.
For over thirty years, Arwa Abu Haikal and her family have tried to prevent the takeover of their land on the hill of Tel Rumeida in Hebron by fanatical Zionist settlers, who are aided and protected by a large force of Israeli military.
Year after year they and their fellow Palestinians still living in Tel Rumeida have endured physical and verbal assaults, vandalism of their property, arbitrary detention and restricted movement. They live under constant threat of harm and even death from fanatical settlers. Amnesty International recently reported that Israel has drastically increased the artbitrary restrictions on movement in and around the Old City of Hebron, with the whole area declared a “closed military zone” –and in September of this year, Arwa and all the Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida were issued with numbers, and told that no-one else, family members or visitors, would be allowed into Tel Rumeida if they could not show that they had a number.


Please join us on Saturday 10th December, in solidarity with Arwa and her family, as on International Human Rights Day we ask the Foreign Secretary to protest to the Israeli government about this most flagrant breach of the Human Rights of the residents of Tel Rumeida.

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