European License For Israeli Torture: The EU-Israel LAW TRAIN Joint Project

Posted on: October 16, 2016, by :

New concerns arise as the EU-Israel partnership through the LAWTRAIN Project in the framework of the EU HORIZON 2020 was discovered. The project is meant to unify the methodology for interrogation among Israeli and EU police forces and is a de facto normalisation of Israel’s most cruel practices, including physical and psychological torture, ill-treatment, arbitrary detention, threats, racial discrimination. With the risk of proliferation of Israeli practices in EU countries, European justice systems risk intensification of inhumane treatment, too. Recognising as legal the Israeli systems of oppression such as inhuman techniques of torture, the EU is violating its obligations under international law.


ECCP in cooperation with Stop the Wall started it’s advocacy campaign against the EU-Israeli cooperation in the framework of HORIZON 2020 in 2015. We have continued to express our concerns about the ongoing cooperation between the EU and Israel trough EU Research Programs (FP7 in the past and now Horizon2020).

On May 1, 2015 implementation of the European project LAW TRAIN began. The project aims at developing technology that will unify methodology for police questioning. It is coordinated from Israel and includes the participation of the Ministry of Israeli Public Safety – the organ that is, among others, responsible for the Israeli police and prison system, both of which have long been denounced by human rights organizations and the United Nations for using during interrogations various forms of racism, torture, ill-treatment and other forms of human rights violations.