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Informal meetings for 2016


Those of us at Halifax Friends of Palestine are putting together a programme of informal meetings for 2016, to be held once a month, at The Orange Box in Halifax. We hope to have the Second one at the 3 of February and thereafter, either the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month . We are currently looking for people to give a short introduction on a topic, followed by general discussion aimed at exploring the issues and investigating ways to counter Israeli propaganda.We can often find ourselves in situations when we need to make the case for freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians, or counter Israeli propaganda or general misconceptions about the issues. The aim of these meetings is to equip our members, supporters and friends with key facts and arguments on some of the major contentious issues and to raise any concerns or matters that we may feel uncertain about.

These are just some suggested topic areas for discussion as the following….. but we would welcome your input and offers of any other topics that you may be particularly interest.

. Why is the issue of Israel/Palestine special?

· Why is Britain’s role historically and currently important?

· What should the solidarity movement do and not to do?

Coveredby JennyLynn on 27/1/2016

· What are the key ‘peace process’ agreements andwhat did they say?

· Why has the ‘peace process’ failed?

· Who is to blame for the failure of the ‘peaceprocess’?

Coveredby Angus Barcleyon 23/2/2016

· What do we mean by Apartheid?

· What is the nature of Israel’s regime forPalestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem?

· What is the nature of Israel’s regime forPalestinians in pre-1967 Israel?

Coveredby Khuram Majidon 18/4/2016

· What is Zionism?

· What is anti-Semitism?

· What is wrong with Israel being a self-declaredJewish state?

· What is the case for two states?

· What is the case for one state?

· How realistic are the options?

· How do the options fit with human rights,international law and self-determination?

· Who or what is Hamas?

· Hamas and the ‘peace process’

· The Hamas charter

· Resistance and International law

· The politics behind BDS

· What can BDS achieve?

· Targets and tactics

· What are the challenges for BDS?

  • · For this session participants will be encouragedto raise the areas of the pro-Israel narrative thatthey find most difficult to counter.



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