Save Tel Rumeida in Hebron! 🗓 🗺

Arwa and her mother Freya Aby Heykal in front of a bulldozer destroying the walls of their orchard


On Saturday 10th December 2016 – UN International Human Rights Day – please join with Halifax Friends of Palestine in a vigil at 12 noon outside Halifax Central Library, in solidarity with the embattled Palestinian people of Tel Rumeida, as they struggle to retain possession of their ancestral lands.
For over thirty years, Arwa Abu Haikal and her family have tried to prevent the takeover of their land on the hill of Tel Rumeida in Hebron by fanatical Zionist settlers, who are aided and protected by a large force of Israeli military.
Year after year they and their fellow Palestinians still living in Tel Rumeida have endured physical and verbal assaults, vandalism of their property, arbitrary detention and restricted movement. They live under constant threat of harm and even death from fanatical settlers. Amnesty International recently reported that Israel has drastically increased the artbitrary restrictions on movement in and around the Old City of Hebron, with the whole area declared a “closed military zone” –and in September of this year, Arwa and all the Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida were issued with numbers, and told that no-one else, family members or visitors, would be allowed into Tel Rumeida if they could not show that they had a number.


Please join us on Saturday 10th December, in solidarity with Arwa and her family, as on International Human Rights Day we ask the Foreign Secretary to protest to the Israeli government about this most flagrant breach of the Human Rights of the residents of Tel Rumeida.

European License For Israeli Torture: The EU-Israel LAW TRAIN Joint Project

New concerns arise as the EU-Israel partnership through the LAWTRAIN Project in the framework of the EU HORIZON 2020 was discovered. The project is meant to unify the methodology for interrogation among Israeli and EU police forces and is a de facto normalisation of Israel’s most cruel practices, including physical and psychological torture, ill-treatment, arbitrary detention, threats, racial discrimination. With the risk of proliferation of Israeli practices in EU countries, European justice systems risk intensification of inhumane treatment, too. Recognising as legal the Israeli systems of oppression such as inhuman techniques of torture, the EU is violating its obligations under international law.


ECCP in cooperation with Stop the Wall started it’s advocacy campaign against the EU-Israeli cooperation in the framework of HORIZON 2020 in 2015. We have continued to express our concerns about the ongoing cooperation between the EU and Israel trough EU Research Programs (FP7 in the past and now Horizon2020).

On May 1, 2015 implementation of the European project LAW TRAIN began. The project aims at developing technology that will unify methodology for police questioning. It is coordinated from Israel and includes the participation of the Ministry of Israeli Public Safety – the organ that is, among others, responsible for the Israeli police and prison system, both of which have long been denounced by human rights organizations and the United Nations for using during interrogations various forms of racism, torture, ill-treatment and other forms of human rights violations.



NAKBA, Week of Action 7/5/2016 – 15/5/2016 🗓

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is organising a week of activities commemorating the Nakba, from Saturday 7th May to Sunday 15th May.


Our aim is to build a wide range of alliances and to create a nation-wide series of events and inspiring actions that will engage the British public, on both a local and national level, in view to reach out beyond our existing support base to create a wider and critical understanding of the history of the Nakba and its relevance today.


The aim is for each branch to hold at least one event, including talks, films, concerts; actions such as boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns, protests and stalls; online actions and campaigns, and much more…

Please send us the notices of your plans and events!

The following speakers are available to take part in event during Nakba week – Please contact for more information and booking requests:

Riya Hassan – BDS national committee

Haya al Farra – Palestinian Mission

Ahmed Masoud – Author from Gaza

Mahmoud Zwhare – Al-Mas’ara popular resistance committee

Ben White – journalist and author

More speakers are available, along with their details on availability.

We will announce the Nakba Week of Action to the public on Monday 4th April 2016. Please send us the notices of your plans and events!

Other events during Nakba week include a speaking tour of Manal Tamimi, a popular resistance activist who lives under occupation in Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

And a day-school/mini-conference in London on Saturday 14 May featuring  Palestinian speakers and workshops, as well as cultural event and more…

Join us to commemorate the Nakba around the country and say ‘no more’.


Media strategy and activist toolkit document to follow, containing resources for your Nakba Week activities, eg:

– Details of speakers

– Lists of films for screenings

– Infographics, gifs, images and videos featuring Palestinian voices

– Comprehensive factsheets with information on the historical and political framework of the Nakba

– Strategy for amplifying awareness of your events: before, during and after they take place

– Press releases and other materials


Every year Palestinians mark the Nakba – “catastrophe” in English – when in 1948 around 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes during the creation of the state of Israel. 500 villages were destroyed, and their inhabitants never allowed to return. Zionist militias, who later became the “IDF”, committed massacres in Deir Yassin, Lydda, Tantura and many other Palestinian communities.

A critical understanding of the Nakba is essential as it continues to shape Palestinians’ experience. Palestinian society was all but destroyed, with refugees scattered around neighbouring states and across the world. The ethnic cleansing continues today, with hundreds of Palestinians losing their homes due to Israel’s demolition policies in 2015, and the Palestinian Bedouin suffering repeated dispossession and displacement in the Naqab/Negev desert in Israel, to give a few examples.

Israel continues to deny Palestinians their fundamental rights, including, crucially, the right of return. While Israel’s Law of Return entitles automatic citizenship to Jews born anywhere in the world, Palestinian refugees are denied the right to return to their homes and land, from which they were expelled.

Millions of Palestinians live in refugee camps in Israel’s neighbouring countries, and the occupied Palestinian territories, with many having been made refugees two or more times by continued Israeli assaults. Many Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip are refugees from the ethnic cleansing of 1948. Palestinian citizens of Israel (those who remained steadfast on their land, surviving the ethnic cleansing) are today subjected to dozens of discriminatory laws and other forms of systematic racism.

Well over half a million Jewish settlers continue to colonise Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, with settlement expansion rising dramatically under the Netanyahu government. These illegal settlements displace Palestinians, cutting them off from their land, monopolising scarce water resources and subjecting them to frequent attacks from armed settlers, who are escorted by regular Israeli forces.

The centrality of the Nakba to the Palestinian struggle was underlined recently by a Pew poll, which found that almost half of Jewish Israelis believe Palestinian citizens of Israel should be expelled. Israel continues to deny the historical facts of the Nakba through every legal, cultural and political means possible.


Download (PDF, 451KB)

Palestine Marathon & Half Marathon 2016 🗓

Team Amos and run the Palestine Marathon or half-marathon in Bethlehem in April 2016. Tuesday 29 March 2016, Sunday 3rd April,2016

"Everyone has the right to freedom of movement”


As part of raising awareness of the right to movement approach I ran a half marathon in Bethlehem earlier this year to raise monies for two charities- Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and the Amos Trust. Thanks to those people who donated so far, I just need a bit more to reach my target and help MAP and the AMOS Trust work especially as the situation in Palestine is deteriorating. Therefore if you can help please donate (any amount is welcome) via or contact me if you want to send cheques etc (

On this webpage you can also see more information and photos of the event which though a hot day (26C) was a great occasion with support from local communities.


The Right to Movement Marathon is to help awareness of the right to movement. The right to movement is a basic human right as stipulated in Article 13 of the UN Human Rights Charter. I have run before including the London Marathonand half marathons, including the Great North Run and decided to take up the challenge and be part of a team to raise monies for two charities I have been involved with before. The running team was a mix of people working for and or supporting these charitiesand included MAP staff from Gaza.

As part of the trip there were visits to projects and places including a hospital where they are building a new burns unit through MAP. This wasn’t my first trip to Palestine and Bethlehem but marathonerunning the half marathon enable me to see Bethlehem from a different perspective. Starting and finishing in Manger Square, near the Naivety Church, in Bethlehem I was one of over 3,000 international and local runners. Not an easy task but I completed the half marathon in around three hours, with temperatures reaching 26c so a great achievement for me. 

Thank you for any donations in advance. If you want to make your own contribution by taking part in the 2016 Palestine Marathon and raising further monies then contact them for more details or see their webpage


If you do enjoy the experience and together we can help support Palestine and Palestinians

The West Bank: bearing witness 🗓 🗺

Nell Griffiths and Ros Walters, two Colne Valley residents, have just returned from Palestine where they have been visiting the West Bank.

They’ll be talking about their experiences at the



Red & Green Club at 7.30pm on

Thursday 12 November



Please circulate this information to people you think might be interested to

hear these first-hand accounts of the current situation in the West Bank


Silent Voices Exhibition 🗓 🗺

If you put a camera in the hands of children in Palestine, and invite them to show people what their lives are like, what happens? In this project initiated by Liverpool Friends of Palestine, the children of Bil’in speak for themselves and show images of their own lives. The Trades Club will be showing the resulting photographs alongside images taken by the photographer who helped the children, and information giving the historical and political contPhoto-exhibition-Jan-2015-pic3ext. This launch event will give a moving and powerful insight into how the exhibition came about. The exhibition continues throughout November.

Free Entry