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The Grand Dinner for Palestine
November 19th, 2016
Marcel Khalifei in Concert in Manchester
Concert on 3rd April 2016 At Royal Northern College of Music


Halifax Friends of Palestine works to raise awareness here in Calderdale in West Yorkshire about the campaign for justice and peace for all the Palestinian people. Ignored by the rest of the world for many years, the plight of the Palestinian people, like that of the people of South Africa under apartheid, is increasingly seen as a mainstream human rights issue, with which people of good will everywhere need to be seriously concerned. Our organisation was launched at a public meeting held in Halifax in June 2006, addressed by the Revd.

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Why Palestine

Palestine is important not because it is as beautiful as Tuscany, nor because the Palestinians are suffering, and not even because it is occupied by a Jewish state. What we need to understand is that the Jews have been handed Palestine not because they were so smart or so strong or so devoted, but by Imperial design. Palestine is important because it is believed to be a linchpin of Empire, one of the key points necessary to control the world.

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Donate to HFOP Halifax Friends of Palestine relies on donations from our supporters, people who love to support Palestinian people and without them we wouldn’t exist. Together we are building a grassroots campaign to challenge government policy, tell companies to stop profiting from Israel’s illegal occupation, and hold the media to account. Such donations go to Medical Aid and Educations. Thank you for standing with us and donating whatever you can.

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